Greek #5

Root: DERM Meaning: skin Words: 1. pachyderm (n) (pachy- = thick): thick-skinned, refers to thick-skinned mammals like elephants, hippos, etc. Last night, my younger son and I read a book about elephants, perhaps the most popular of the pachyderms. In it, the author describes how elephants throw dirt on their skin to protect themselves from […]

Latin #10

Root: SON, SONUS Meaning: sound Words: 1. resonate (v) (re- = again, renew): ongoing sound, with intensity When LCB came home after a business dinner of overindulgence a couple of weeks ago and suggested we both reduce our caloric intake for a while (thanks, babe, for the underlying assumption there), I was game until he […]

Latin #9

Root:  ANIM Meaning: spirit, life, soul, mind Words: inanimate (adj) (in- = not): not or without life One of my sons has this fun habit of suddenly falling on the floor in an inanimate position, in attempt to get me to freak out. The thing is, I know he’s a frequent prankster, and he’s done […]