• Island Life
  • Storybook Beach Days

    One afternoon last week, we picked the kids up after school and headed to the beach for our last after-school stop before the time change. (This time of year, that hour of afternoon light makes a noticeable difference.) I’d planned this a couple of days earlier, and I’d packed snacks and beach gear in advance, […]

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  • Hundreds of Facts About Boys

    This morning, I found an informative piece of literature on…ahem…a random desk somewhere near me. I’m not going to identify the author of the piece, because technically, it could be anyone. Clearly, however, it’s penned by someone who lives in close proximity to boys, by someone who knows their “natural habitats,” “how neat they keep […]

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  • Apparel Mishaps

    Five years ago, I shared the story of how my two sons wore each other’s ill-fitting khaki shorts to a church we were visiting without my realizing it until mid-service. I’ve decided to repost the story solely because of events that occurred earlier today. See, as we drove home from school this afternoon, I realized […]